How to Become a Dixy Franchise in India.

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Franchisee Agreement
After you have studied the Dixy opportunity in detail you sign up a Franchisee agreement with the Company in its standard form which details the duties of the Franchisor and Franchisee. The agreement is signed after the initial documentary work has been completed and the Management has decided on the location of the new Outlet
Inspection of the site and Inspection Criteria
The Inspection of the site is the first preliminary work undertaken against a nominal inspection fee..The site has to be finalized keeping in mind the following mentioned point’s.
. RTZ (Retail Trade Zone Survey Results.)
. CTZ (Customer Trade Zone Survey Results)
. Traffic Count.
. Population Density and Regional Demographics.
Design elements of the site
The designing of the Restaurants will be done by the Authorized Architect appointed by the India office. The Construction and designing of the outlets have to conform to the laid down standards of Dixy, UK which are of the highest international standards. Architect Renderings are then provided  before any work commences so you can virtually view your proposed outlet before beginning any work
Budgets will be firmed up when quotations from all vendors who are going to be involved in the construction of the outlet have been finalized. The Budget is allocated on as per actual basis. Some of the major heads for budgeting include Construction * Equipment * Training Materials * Crockery * Furniture and Fixtures
The entire super structure of the Restaurant is going to be made at this stage. The construction stage will comprise of masonry works and all work related to the creation of the implementation and initialization of these items.
Installation of Electric, Gas and Water
Installation of main electric generator, water pipes and gas pipelines with their relevant meters are going to be installed. Proper contracts are going to be give out to people for the implementations and initialization of these items.
Installation of Equipment
The installations of all kitchen equipments such as open fryers, Pressure Fryers, Pizza Ovens, Humidified display. HAVC etc. is undertaken. The main generator for electricity is also installed and checked at this stage. Equipment will include all items concerned from Kitchen based equipment, to POS Machines and Chilling and Freezing equipment.
Furniture and Fixtures
Based on the capacity of the restaurant, the ordering of the furniture and fixtures has to be done. For a large-scale restaurant the minimum seating capacity for people should be at least 100 seats. The furniture should be durable as well as comfortable. Fixtures may include paintings and any material that enhances the ambience of the outlet and indirectly improves the image of the restaurants.
Finalization of Masonry Work
This is the final stage of construction of the Restaurant when the finishing touches are given. Any minor changes if required are carried out.
Hiring of Team and Management
Hiring of the team depends on the size of the restaurant. Typically for a large-scale Restaurant there should be a minimum of 20 staff members. The Restaurant Manager and Assistant Managers are deputed to  the outlet of the Franchisee. Our Managers are selected on the basis of their qualification, experience and deep knowledge of the QSR business. The Franchisor has the final say on all decisions regarding the staff.
Training of Team
The team will be trained by our Managers. They are already trained and know how to deal with the staff. It is very important that all aspects of Restaurant operation are told to the staff. The training is very comprehensive. Training on customer satisfaction is one major areas of our focus.
Final Check Equipment
All equipments are thoroughly checked. Breakdowns, if any, are rectified and a proper repair and maintenance system is put in place. Senior staff of the Franchisor carries out the equipment checks.
Soft Opening / Rehearsal
Delegates and top officials are called for the soft opening. The soft opening basically is a full dress rehearsal for the staff. The Restaurant is not open to the public. Its just a prep-run to confirm that the Restaurant operation is ready for a commercial opening. Food is served only to the delegates and guests who have been invited. Restaurants staff are also able to practice what they have learned during their training in a live situation.
Final Completion Stage
The final Restaurant is going to be ready, when all necessary measures have been taken in to account and all equipment has been installed and checked and the staff properly trained and managed. The General Manager has the final authority to start operations. The India Office will have direct supervision of all activity, which will be undertaken, in the Restaurant. They are to be reported to on a daily basis. No decision can be taken directly without the written permission of the Management.
Official Opening
Official opening is for the general public. The Restaurants is then fully operational, ready to handle the inflow of the customers. The Staff has been trained and their duties have been delegated to them.
Smooth Operations
Operations have to be smooth in a Restaurant for it to grow. An efficient operation is key for the smooth day to day running of the restaurant. This involves the ordering of stocks, cooking of the food, sale to the public, delegating of the orders to the staff etc. Smooth operations are only possible when the team has been properly trained in all aspects of restaurant operations. We manage your restaurant for you on a 24x7x365 days basis if you desire unlike most franchise outlets where the head office people come in with a check list on a weekday for 2 hrs and hand out an audit report with defects to be rectified before their next visit!!!!!!!. We run the Restaurants hands on for you with you for an initial period of 5 years if desired by you !!!!!!!!!.
Completion Time
The completion time depends on various factors. Ideally a Restaurant should be commissioned within 3 to 4 months of the finalization of the site and signing of the agreements.

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